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Take our quick and easy quiz to assess your financial health and determine whether or not you need help with debt.

1) Do debts cause fights in your home or is debt making your home life unhappy?

2) Have you reached or exceeded the maximum limit(s) on any of your credit cards?

3) Do you have money set aside for savings and/or retirement?

4) Do you have enough money to cover 3 months of expenses if you have an emergency and can't work?

5) Do you only pay the minimum amount due on some or all your credit card bills?

6) Do you ever make unrealistic promises to creditors about repayment?

7) Do you ask family or friends to borrow money so you can pay your bills?

8) Do creditors and/or collectors call you about your late or missed credit card payments?

9) Are you concerned your family/friends/employer will find out about your debt problems?

10) Do you take out loans or buy things on credit without considering the interest you will have to pay?

11) Do you make plans to pay off your debts then break them because you spend money on other expenses?

12) Do you ever take out cash advances or payday loans to cover the payments on your credit cards?

13) What is your debt-to-income ratio? (Divide your total monthly debt payments by your total take-home income.)

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AFCC (Accredited Financial Counsellor Canada) is a distinguished professional designation, indicating that a counsellor has successfully completed the program and has specialized knowledge, unique skills and expertise as a qualified Credit Counsellor.

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