Profiles of Debt Success (Page 2)

Personal stories of overcoming problems with debt and finding the right financial path.

Think you’re alone when it comes to your debt problems? You’re not. Debt problems affect people from every walk of life. Whether your problems were caused by unexpected life events or just by your own lack of financial education or planning, there’s a solution out there that can help you get back on the right track.

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Tom R. – Youthful spending leads to mature lessons

Tom Ruddy had the spending habits of a typical young man. Money didn’t have a lot of importance to him, and he was happy to spend for a good time. But quickly his free-spending ways landed him in some serious financial trouble. Find out how Consolidated Credit helped him get back on his feet.

Here’s his story, in his own words…

Valerie S. – Overcomes her mountain of debt

Valerie Strawberry was a working mom with a career where she managed money on a daily basis. She worked in the payroll department as a manager. She had a strong financial background and she took pride in being accountable, she did not have to depend on anyone to manage her household bills.

Diana M. – Conquers her debt

Diane thought she had it all. She was working the job of her dreams and made a decent salary. She decided to place all of her investment portfolio in high tech, Dot Com’s etc. and when she was about to sign off on her mortgage, her world came crashing down all around her.

Patti P. – Triumph after the loss of a loved one

Patti P. did not have any debt troubles to worry about. She was living within her means and did not have the burden of debt weighing her down. However her life took a turn for the worse when she received the devastating news her father passed away. The passing of her father was the beginning of her shouldering a heavy load of debt for two years.

Harold G. – Slays his debt mountain

Life was good for Harold G. until a series of unforeseen events pushed him into a deep pool of debt without a life jacket. He was paralyzed by debt when his small business was hit hard during the economic down turn in 2008. Harold was trying hard to stay afloat, but then the bottom of his ship gave out when his marriage ended and he was dealing with a heartbreaking divorce.

Tyler V. – Has his life back after debt

Tyler V. loved buying new clothes and he enjoyed charging all of his clothing purchases on his credit card. As the days and months went by, Tyler noticed his credit card balance kept increasing and he got a second job to help him manage his growing credit card debt. And then one day reality hit Tyler hard – he was unable to keep up with his credit card debt and he was running out of options.

Shai A. – Shatters the debt ceiling

Shai A. immigrated to Canada in 2005 and as his luck would have it, he was fortunate to find a job within three months of arriving here. However the salary he was receiving was just above minimum wage, he was trying to financially support his parents back home and he was living paycheque to paycheque.

Phong J. – Life after debt

Phong was content with her life until things went terribly wrong. Her husband was unable to work full time because his health took an unexpected turn for the worse. Their family income was immediately slashed and then Phong became the sole provider.