Success Category: Credit Card Debt Relief

When you’re struggling with credit card debt, you need someone on your side who knows the best ways to get out of debt. Our credit counsellors are experts at helping people like you find debt relief with the right debt solution. The following testimonials and reviews and success stories are from real clients of Consolidated Credit. If you need help, call us for free at 1-888-294-3130 to speak with a trained credit counsellor or get started now with a request for a Free Debt Analysis.



I am a young mother of one beautiful little girl. Before Consolidated Credit, I lived beyond my means; I had no budget and spent way too much money shopping and not paying attention to what I was spending with credit cards even though they were only supposed to be my back up. The more they offered the more I took, even though I told myself that if I ever had a credit card I would not be one of those people that overspend. WOW was I wrong.

When I realized that I was too far in to get myself out, I began to panic. The first thing I did was go to my bank to see if I could get a loan to consolidate the payments into one. I remember getting the news back advising me they would give me a loan, but only to pay off the debt I owe to them; on top of that, my interest would be 15%. That one line of credit was not even half the debt I owed. What was I supposed to do with the rest?

It’s funny how things happen, because I was at work the next day with all of this pressure building when an ad came on the radio for Consolidated Credit. I’m not the type of person to listen to an advertisement and call, but I felt I had nowhere else to go. When I called I was nervous and felt that I would be looked down on, but when I spoke with a credit counsellor he was kind and considerate and seemed to understand me. I didn’t feel like a bad person or embarrassed talking with him.

Consolidated Credit has helped me live within my means even though I am still paying off my debt. I have a budget book with all bill payments that have to be made and what I owe on which days and how much money I will have to last me until my next paycheque. Consolidated has also helped me feel good about what I am doing, paying off everything I owe instead of claiming bankruptcy and feeling like I failed. Now I’m counting down the months until everything is paid off and instead of living paycheque to paycheque, I can live more comfortably.

Samantha P.