Mortgage Payment Calculator

See how much you’ll pay and assess the benefits of extra payments

If you’re getting ready to buy a home, you want to know you’ll be able to afford your new mortgage loan payments before you make such an important decision. Using a mortgage payment calculator can help you define your price range and put you in a better position for negotiating the terms of your mortgage with your lender.

This mortgage calculator also shows how paying extra money on your mortgage will affect how soon you can pay your home off. This can help you determine if paying extra money to your mortgage will provide a benefit, or if your money would be better spent paying off other types of debts, such as your credit cards. If you still have questions about buying your new home or you want to talk to an expert about paying off different kinds of debts, give us a call at 1-888-294-3130 to speak with a HUD-certified housing counsellor.