Free Finance Courses with Credit Dojo

Credit Dojo is your training grounds to become fiscally fit and money-minded.

Being fiscally fit stems from having a solid financial education. Financial literacy is a broad term referring to several areas within personal finance and money management. From making smart credit choices, to budgeting and getting out of debt, there is a lot of information out there that can lead you astray. Credit Dojo gives you easy-to-understand and fun lessons that improve your ability to manage finances.


Credit Dojo

Credit Dojo

This series is designed to help you grasp basic financial concepts. It covers 16 key financial topics, giving you the basic facts you need to understand each concept so you can manage your financial world with more confidence.

What is Credit Dojo?

We created Credit Dojo to help people better understand their own finances while getting answers to their money questions. Credit Dojo offers interactive courses that give you the details of the many money topics that affect your daily needs.

Each lesson comes with videos, illustrations, and examples that quickly get to the point and communicate the importance of each topic. The end of each unit comes with a quiz that tests your knowledge and mastery of the subject.

You don’t have to go in order, either! Take the courses at your own pace and jump around as needed.

Credit Dojo Topics Include

  1. Budgeting Basics
  2. Smart Spending
  3. Saving Money
  4. Retirement
  5. Managing Debt
  6. All about Credit Card Debt
  7. How to Consolidate Debt
  8. Using a Debt Management Program
  9. How Credit Counseling Can Help You
  10. Reading Your Credit Report
  11. Credit Repair: Making Credit Disputes
  12. Master Your Credit Score
  13. Mortgage Basics
  14. A Guide to Homebuying
  15. Protecting Home Equity
  16. Forging Ahead from Foreclosure

Who benefits from these financial education courses?

Credit Dojo’s free financial courses can benefit anyone who needs to enhance his or her financial intelligence. From beginners to those in the know, Credit Dojo can add value to anyone seeking to build personal finance skills. If you want to be financially stable and meet your monetary goals, Credit Dojo can help you get there.