How to keep your credit clean and error-free by understanding the art of credit repair.

If your credit report is a shrine to your credit, credit repair is the tool that you use to keep it clean. Errors and blemishes have a way of creeping in, so you need to regularly check your report, so you can scrub away any unwanted grime. Maintaining a clean space ensures that anyone who visits will see your profile at its best.

In this lesson, the Credit Ninja will teach you about the delicate art of credit repair, so you can maintain your credit at its best. You’ll learn:

  • How often errors occur and what they can cost you
  • The difference between an error and a legitimate negative item
  • How to make disputes with the credit bureaus to remove mistakes
  • When and how to enlist the help of a credit repair company
  • Tips for spotting credit repair scams

By the end of this lesson, you’ll understand the art of reviewing your report and making disputes, so you can maintain a clean, error-free report.

Let’s clean up your credit!