Credit Ninja: Home Equity

Using equity to spread prosperity in your realm without endangering your greatest asset.

Equity is the value that builds in your home over time, and it’s a valuable resource in your financial empire. But accessing and using equity is not without its risks. When done improperly, you risk losing your home to foreclosure or power of sale. But there are ways to use equity wisely that won’t put your financial empire at risk.

In this lesson, the Credit Ninja will teach you what equity is and how to use it wisely without creating undue financial risk. You’ll learn:

  • What equity is and how it grows over time
  • Ways to access and use equity while minimizing your risk of foreclosure
  • The dangers of negative equity and how to avoid it
  • How reverse mortgages give seniors a safe way to access home equity in retirement

By the end of this lesson, you’ll understand the value of equity and how to use it to your greatest advantage.

Let’s make equity more accessible!