Debt Consolidation In Action

Learn how debt impacts people differently throughout the country.

It really doesn’t matter where you live in Canada – no two financial situations will be the same. However regional differences can play a key role in your employment. Think about it this way, if you live in the Maritimes, you may be affected by the seasonal economy or if you live out west, the oil industry may determine if you will have a job or not.

When you have various regional factors or natural disasters beyond your control, sometimes it can affect your household finances in a hard way. And many times, you may have to turn to debt to stay afloat. Don’t worry; you are not alone. There is help available in the province or territory of where you live. This is why Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada created province and territory specific case studies of real Canadians who are clients of Consolidated Credit. Our case studies will reveal that many Canadians struggle with debt however through our debt management programs; they are able to get back on track with managing their finances. You can learn more about other Canadians living in your province or territory by clicking on your province or territory below.

If you have tried to manage your debt on your own and you feel like you are caught in a never-ending cycle of debt, it is time to end the cycle. You can start today by speaking to a trained credit counsellor now at 1-888-628-5933 to seek debt help or you can fill out an online debt analysis and one of our credit counsellors will contact you.

Debt by province and territory

Click the links below for real debt help case studies and customer testimonies of Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada clients: