Additional Resources

– This is the website for the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy Canada.
This website has a multitude of information regarding bankruptcy and finances.

Buying a Home

The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation provides consumers with tips and advice
regarding one of the most important financial decisions of your life. Visit their
website at

Credit Bureaus

The best way to get accurate and thorough information is to go right to the source.
For information regarding how to read your credit bureau, how to obtain your credit
bureau and how to dispute information, visit the Equifax Canada website at
and the TransUnion Canada website at

Credit Cards and Banking

The Canadian Bankers Association was established in 1891 and is the main representative
for banks in Canada. They provide consumer services that include educational booklets
and seminars. Visit their website at

The Consumers Measures Committee offers the Canadian Consumer Handbook online. This is
a fantastic resource with information on a wide range of topics such as online shopping,
contracts, housing and home renovations, identity theft, collection agencies, and much
more, to help you build your buying skills. Visit the website at

Canada’s office of Consumer Affairs also offers advice regarding conquering credit
card debt. Visit their website at

TD offers a great tool to help you understand what options may be right for you as far as investing. Check out the tool at here for more information.

Foreclosure – this website includes
education information regarding types of foreclosure along with information regarding
foreclosure sales, vendors and agents

Identity Theft – this is the website for Public Safety Canada, a government website focused on keeping Canadians Safe from many different perspectives.

The Phone Busters website is an excellent resource for learning more about how to
prevent identity theft and what to do if you are a victim.


The Insurance Bureau of Canada’s website offers information regarding purchasing
and insuring a car in addition to many other resources. ( and are two additional websites that are helpful in the search for insurance.


There are many kids’ websites that are great for learning about numbers and money. At, you will find a math arcade along with lots of other fun activities.


SISIP Financial Services provides financial services to the military community.
Their services are tailored to the lifestyle of families in the military. Visit
their website at

The Government of Canada also has an extensive website for the military and their
families. Visit the site at
Here you will find information for military personnel and their families.


Service Canada provides information on savings plans. Visit their website at

Student Debt  – This is the website for the National Student Loan Service Centre. Here you will
find information for students, parents, and advisors regarding financial assistance for school.

Your Rights

The website listed below is that of the Canadian Consumer Information Gateway. This
website provides information to consumers regarding a variety of topics including
your rights as a borrower.