Credit Counselling

A Simple Introduction to Credit Counselling Services

What is Credit Counselling?

credit counselling

Credit counselling is a debt relief option that helps you eliminate credit card debt as quickly as possible so you can regain financial stability. It’s a financial service that helps consumers who are struggling with unsecured debt, such as credit cards, lines of credit, store cards and payday loans. Trained credit counsellors assist consumers in developing a financial strategy to get back on track as quickly and efficiently as possible. In some cases, the best solution is a debt management program through our credit counselling agency. In other cases, the credit counsellor may recommend a different debt relief option that would work for you. Our main goal is finding the right debt solution to fit each consumer’s needs. You can watch our video below for more information:

How Credit Counselling Works

In this section, we’ll provide a basic explanation of how the credit counselling process works. From your first consultation to the completion of a debt management program, we’ll show you the ins-and-outs.

How Credit Counselling Can Help You:

An experienced credit counsellor can help you by assessing your financial situation, helping create a suitable budget and a plan to repay the debt and regain debt freedom. Credit counselling services can help you get your finances under control by providing you with the tools and expert advice you need to pay off your debt. You can watch the video below on benefits of credit counselling.

What to Expect from Your First Credit Counselling Session

A credit counselling session is an important first step in finding the right debt solution. With the right help, you can learn exactly where you are with your money and how to get to a better place financially. While it can be intimidating to face financial problems, and it may make you feel uncomfortable, talking to a credit counsellor can help you find peace of mind knowing you are making the right decisions with your money to avoid problems in the future.

If you’re still not sure about credit counselling, in this section we’ll show you what happens during your first counselling session, step-by-step, so you have a better idea of what will happen once you start working with us.

How Credit Counselling Impacts Your Credit Scores

Here’s a run-down on how this process will affect your credit score. You might find that it is worth the reward, especially compared to other options like bankruptcy. With the right debt solution you can get out of debt quickly while minimizing credit damage as much as possible.

Choosing the Right Credit Counselling Agency

Not all credit counselling services are the same. In this section learn how credit counselling services differ, including the difference between for-profit credit counselling and not-for-profit credit counselling. We’ll also provide helpful tips on how to review and vet different credit counselling agencies, so you can choose the right agency for your financial needs. You can also check out our credit counselling FAQs section for more answers and information.

How We Work As a Credit Counselling Agency

Consolidated Credit is a not-for-profit credit counselling agency dedicated to helping you find the right debt solution for your unique financial situation. Together, we can take a look at your budget and debts and decide the best solution for you. At Consolidated Credit, we’re proud to help people, just like you, and provide them with debt management tools to address their financial needs. You can go through our success stories and alumni testimonials to get an understanding of how our clients have been helped in the past, so that you can make an informed decision on navigating your own financial future. Call us at for a free debt evaluation with a trained credit counsellor or take the first step online by completing a request for a Free Debt Analysis.