Credit Counsellors

It seems as though having a huge debt balance has almost become normal in society today. This means that many people are walking around with daily headaches caused by heavy debt burdens. But what some of us may not know is that we can negotiate with our lenders to help ease some of these pains. For those who do know (and perhaps have tried negotiating on their own) we can vouch that negotiating with creditors can sometimes be taxing, intimidating, humiliating, frustrating and emotionally draining. Thankfully there is hope. A trained credit counsellor can negotiate with lenders on your behalf to help alleviate your financial pains.

If you are walking around with your own debt headache and don’t know where to turn then it may be time to contact a credit counsellor. If you are having difficulty with your finances or debt, a trained counsellor can help lift that heavy debt burden off your shoulders. The consultation is free and all you have to lose is that pesky debt headache. Call Consolidated Credit today at 1-888-294-3130 to speak with a trained credit counsellor. You can also take the first step online by requesting a Free Debt Analysis.

A trained credit counsellor can help you…

  1. Learn to budget to avoid debt. 

    If past budgeting mistakes have left you in a bind and now you feel like you’re depriving yourself, our trained credit counsellors can offer advice on how to balance wants and needs so you don’t feel like you’re doing without. They will help you create a custom tailored budget to effectively manage your finances, so you can gain freedom from your current debt and become an effective debt manager. Creating a budget will help you cut down cost, make ends meet, and bring into focus how your money is really being spent. The goal of any budget is to achieve or otherwise maintain a healthy financial outlook. The practice of budgeting will help you avoid debt problems in the future and deal with existing ones to make your life easier.

  2. Consolidate debt to simplify your life. 

    Multiple debt payments, all due at the same time… credit cards maxed out… numerous
    student loans from multiple lenders… no budget… overspending, overextending and
    over indebted! Oh brother, what a headache! Thankfully, a trained counsellor can
    help you:

    • Contact your lenders to negotiate on your debts.
    • Consolidate similar debts (like your credit cards) so you have only one monthly
    • Fight to get your interest rates lowered
    • Arrange a payment schedule that works for your budget.
    • Offer educational tools
    • Shield you against the daily hassle of dealing with collectors
    • Provide you with other options for
      debt relief
      in case consolidation is not the best option in your case
    • Weigh last resort options like
      , if the above options won’t work
  3. Establish good credit now to avoid problems with debt later

    While having too much debt is bad, not having enough credit can also be a downfall.
    Buying a house, a vehicle or even renting a car will be almost impossible regardless
    of how good you are with managing your money. Our trained counsellors will help
    you find ways to establish credit on the right path and guide you to avoid falling
    victim to huge debt balances. Once you get on a path to higher
    credit scores
    you will have an easier time getting approved for loans and
    qualifying for the lowest interest rates possible.

What a Credit Counsellor Does during Your Debt Management Program

During Your Consultation:

During your free debt analysis, your credit counsellor will be able to tell you:

  • The interest rates that will be applied to your debts under the program
  • The amount you would be required to pay each month
  • When you can expect to be debt free
  • Armed with this knowledge, you can decide whether you want to enrol or not, knowing
    what you can expect.

After Your Enrolment:

Once you’ve decided a
debt management program
is the best choice, the next step is to enroll in
the program and start making headway. You and your counsellor will work together
to tend to your debt problem. The credit counsellor will:

  • Answer any and all of your questions
  • Handle and deal with collectors and collection agencies on your behalf. They will
    negotiate with creditors so you can stop dodging collection attempts.

Credit counsellors will work with you for the duration of the program to help ensure
that you are ready to handle your personal finances on your own once you graduate.Effective budgeting, better ways to manage credit card debt and how to develop a saving strategy will all be part of the training. This additional assistance is to make sure you stay out of debt once you get out of debt.

If you think credit counselling is the right choice for you or if you have further
questions and need more information on how credit counselling works, don’t hesitate
to give us a call at 1-888-294-3130 to speak with a trained credit counsellor directly. You can also start by requesting a Free Debt Analysis online.