Financial And Debt Calculators

Our easy-to-use calculators will lay out your finances and help you take the right steps toward financial freedom

Sometimes the numbers can be overwhelming – interest rates, APR, debt-to-income ratios – if you’re not an accountant, your head might start spinning.

We have developed some easy-to-use calculators to make the numbers more accessible for you. Simply punch in your individual finances, and let our calculators do the rest. The results should help you see a clearer picture of your finances and will help you make the right moves to get you debt-free.

If you happen to see results that you don’t like, and you are worried about your financial health, it might be time to give us a call at 1-888-294-3130. A trained credit counsellor will do their own calculations and help you figure out the course of action that best suits your needs. You can also try our Free Debt Analysis online.


  • Understand minimum payment schedules
  • Calculate total interest charges on your debt
  • See the impact of making extra debt payments
  • Build a custom debt repayment schedule


  • Keep your debt in balance with your income
  • Make informed decisions for taking on more debt
  • Prequalify your own finances before major asset purchases, such as a new home or car


  • Calculate potential mortgage payment on a new home
  • See the impact of making extra mortgage payments
  • Check your amortization schedule and total interest payments


  • Compare a bi-weekly payment schedule to a standard monthly schedule
  • Determine the best way to repay your loans for your budget
  • Save money on interest by repaying your debts faster


  • Get help making key decisions about your savings
  • See how much money you can generate from different types of savings
  • Compare interest rates and yield so you can save effectively

These calculators are powerful tools to help assess your financial situation, and to help you make decisions and changes that will guide you toward financial freedom. If you would like free professional advice on how to get out of debt, our trained credit counsellors can be reached at 1-888-294-3130. If you prefer to get started online, try our Free Debt Analysis.