How Much Could You Save with a DMP?

These real cases from real people show how effective a Debt Management Program can be

Struggling with debt is difficult enough, and trying to choose the best tools to defeat that debt can be mind-boggling. Is a Debt Management Program (DMP) right for you? Does it actually work?

Everybody with debt has a unique financial situation, and therefore needs a unique financial solution. A debt management program isn’t for everyone, however, our trained credit counsellors can help you decide that. And if you are accepted and enroll in the program, you will join 500,000 other Canadians who battled debt with Consolidated Credit’s help.

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Susan M. from Kingston, ON

Susan had multiple credit cards and lines of credit with big balances and charging her 18% APR. We helped negotiate with each creditor so that Susan paid 0% APR, cutting her monthly payments almost in half.

Total debt: $48,634

Susan saved $28,421.37 in interest payments and got out of debt 10 years and 10 months sooner.

Steven J. from Edmonton, AB

Steven owed a lot of money to several different creditors. With our help, his reduced interest rates meant that he could get out of debt an entire decade earlier.

Total debt: $31,696.82

Steven saved $18,043.21 in interest payments and got out of debt 10 years sooner.

Chris J. from Brandon, MB

Chris had more than 15 years of huge monthly payments ahead of him, until he came to us. With our help, he will be debt free in a quarter of the time.

Total debt: $21,396

Chris saved $14,173.74 in interest payments and got out of debt 11 years and 9 months sooner.

Jennifer C. from Cole Harbour, NS

Jennifer was facing very high APRs on several cards when she came to us. We negotiated with each creditor and brought her average APR down to a fraction of what she was originally paying.

Total debt: $25,807

Jennifer saved $17,974.39 in interest payments and got out of debt 10 years and 6 month sooner.

If you think a DMP might work for you, call a trained credit counsellor today at 1-888-294-3130. They will assess your situation to see if you qualify for a DMP. You can also try our Free Debt Analysis online and a counsellor will get in touch with you.

*These case studies feature the real financials from real Canadians who have benefitted from Consolidated Credit’s DMP. However, to protect their privacy, we changed their name and hometown.