Kelly J. – surviving and thriving in the face of debt

Kelly J. Client Profile Graphic

Debt snuck up on her…

“Debt became a problem roughly 10 years ago. I went through a bad breakup, moved to a more expensive apartment, had a leased car, and was only working part time by choice. Two years later I realized that I had amassed a debt of almost $30,000 through using credit cards and my line of credit.

“I was buying things that I didn’t need and that I couldn’t afford. The realization that I was in a precarious situation with my debt was extremely difficult. I was depressed, frustrated and angry all at the same time. It was extremely difficult to accept that I had a problem.”

But Kelly didn’t give up…

“I knew I couldn’t go on like this. It was getting worse. I was not happy with my situation and knew I had to do something about it. It was dominating my thoughts and I couldn’t escape it. It was a burden that I couldn’t get rid of – both financially and mentally. I tried for several months to just put as much down as I could to make a dent in the interest. But, even though I tried, my payments went straight to the interest and the balance didn’t change. I was getting nowhere. And even though I knew I had a problem, I still had the urge to use my Visa card.

“The burden of this debt was affecting my mood and my quality of life. My friends could tell that I was struggling because I became despondent. Luckily, some of them mentioned that there were companies that helped people with debt solutions.

“Then I saw a commercial on TV with Consolidated Credit’s lifesaver logo and knew that was the answer to my problem. The next day I called and spoke to a nice lady about what I needed to do. She assured me Consolidated Credit could help me. We worked out a comfortable monthly payment plan over 4 years and started attacking my debt.”

“I had to budget myself wisely for 4 years and it was challenging at times. I altered my lifestyle in order to start on track. I cut down on going out because I knew I needed to put my money towards paying down my debt. The toughest time was definitely around Christmas. There’s a lot of pressure to buy things for your friends, family and yourself. I’m so thankful that the people close to me were understanding during this time.

“But I finally made my last payment and felt accomplished, relieved and on top of the world! I now buy things on a need-only basis. Of course, I still splurge on a few things a month but I don’t buy things that are too extravagant or expensive. I basically have everything I need and I don’t want to go back into debt just to have brand-name products. The benefit of this is that I’m more financially stable and I’m worry-free.”

Consolidated Credit’s program made it easy for Kelly to follow

“The most effective part of the program was working out a comfortable monthly payment plan. Consolidated Credit took care of the credit card companies on their end while I just had to pay the monthly fee on my end. It gave me hope knowing that I had support.”

Digging herself out of debt taught Kelly some valuable lessons…

The program definitely helped me stay debt free. I have completely changed my spending habits since making the decision to eliminate my debt. I don’t need brand-name purses or designer shoes to feel happy. It made me realize that I don’t need to get into debt for the things I need. I buy on a need only basis with a few luxuries thrown in here and there. I am much happier and in control now. I realized that most of my spending was unnecessary. Today I am 100 per cent better off.

And she’s happy she decided to call Consolidated Credit when her debt was overwhelming

Going with Consolidated Credit truly changed my life for the better and is the best way to go to become debt free. If I hadn’t made the call I would still be struggling with debt. But those days are finally over.