How one woman put a stop to the “minimum payment trap”

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01 - sucked in credit card debtMy debt was with credit cards and loans and the interest rate on them was high.  I would make payments every month – but only the minimum amount that was required.

For years I had the same debt and it never went away.  My husband got sick and died and I was faced with unplanned funeral expenses and all the other things that went along with facing debt on your own. The collection agencies got more aggressive and started calling more often and making my life miserable.  I did not want to answer the phone anymore.  My family could see the stress I was under and it was taking its toll on my health.

I looked for help on the internet, found Consolidated Credit, and made my first phone call.  The counsellor that answered calmed my fears.  They explained how I would not get anymore phone calls from collection agencies.  They explained that they would approach each of my creditors and give them a plan as to how I would pay them back over the next three years and they would remove the interest charges so that only the principal was being paid.

It was pretty easy to agree to a payment that worked for me. That payment was divided among all the creditors that I owed money to.  Over time, I increased the payment on my own and made the debt go down faster. It took two-and-a-half  years in total to clear everything up with one small payment each month.  I am now debt-free and still own my house and car and I have no credit cards.

My lesson that was well-learned is “if you can’t pay cash for things, don’t put them on a credit card to buy.”

I can breath now and enjoy life again!

August, 2015

If you are stuck on the ‘minimum payment treadmill’ and are getting nowhere fast, be like Lori and call 1-888-294-3130 to speak to a trained credit counsellor.  They’ll take a look at your finances and suggest the best possible path toward becoming debt-free.  You can also take the first step online by trying our Free Debt Analysis