Debt Management Program Cost

A break-down of the fees associated with a Debt Management Program (DMP)

As a registered charitable organization under the Income Tax Act, Consolidated Credit is a not-for-profit credit counselling service that offers debt solutions only to those individuals who qualify at minimal costs to our clients. All fees are clearly disclosed prior to being charged and all counselling services are offered completely free of charge. Further, all services are completely voluntary and may be cancelled at any time without charge.

If your unique financial situation qualifies you for a DMP, and if you decide to enroll in our Debt Management Program, the initial setup fee to establish an account with us is no more than $49.

Additionally, you’ll be given a monthly payment plan to repay your creditors; we do our best to obtain the lowest interest rates possible to help you get out of debt in just 3-5 years. Only 12.5% of this monthly consolidated payment to your creditors is retained to cover our costs associated with servicing your account and fees will never exceed $59.00 per month. For example, even if you pay $900 per month, your monthly fee to Consolidated Credit is capped at $59.00.

Consider that many Canadians are paying hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each month just to meet minimum payments, and they are barely making a dent in their actual debt. Paying off your debt through a Debt Management Program may save you thousands of dollars in interest charges resulting in more of what you pay going to the principal and shortening the time you are in debt. Paying only the minimum payments will lengthen the time you are in debt by decades, making it nearly impossible to get out of debt. Try our credit card debt calculator and see for yourself.

Compare that with how much you save on a DMP, you can see why thousands of Canadians chose Consolidated Credit to help get them debt free in just 3 to 5 years.