#100Days100Ways Contest: Melissa Wins!

Winner contributes to “Christmas Piggy Bank” year-round

We have a winner!  The team at Consolidated Credit received an overwhelming amount of holiday savings tips from Twitter followers across the country, and had the difficult job of picking the best.

The team chose Melissa’s tip as the winner of our “100 Days 100 Ways to Save for the Holidays” contest – she and her family collect change year-round in a “Christmas Piggy Bank” that helps them offset holiday expenses.

Melissa commented on the need for a money-smart strategy for the holidays:

Christmas is a big deal for our family. It’s the one holiday that we go all out for. Yes, we celebrate all the other holidays but Christmas is the one where all of our family get together and just enjoy spending that quality time with each other. We have a big family, I have 5 brothers and sisters, plus nieces and nephews and brother-in-laws so this special occasion has become quite expensive.

2015 winner Mel

This ‘Piggy Bank’ idea throughout the year has helped us save up to buy some of the food we get catered to us, special drinks and stocking stuffers for the kids! Having the extra money around Christmas helps us make this holiday a little extra special for the young children and the adults are not left looking for extra money in our pockets come December.”

Jeff Schwartz, executive director at Consolidated Credit, says Melissa’s plan is perfectly inline with the goals of the #100Days100Ways campaign.

The idea was to encourage Canadians to get proactive with their holiday spending and plan ahead of time,” says Schwartz.  “Melissa has done us one better – our campaign lasted 100 days but hers lasts 365.”

Schwartz thanks everyone who participated in the contest, and hopes that everyone benefited from the campaign.

Whether you sent in a tip every day, every week, or simply sat back and watched, your holiday finances are probably better off because of it,” adds Schwartz.  “Simply getting engaged and thinking about ways to save is going to have an impact.”

Though her family prepares year-round for the holidays, Melissa admits she doesn’t get everything done in advance:

What will I do with the prize money? Buy my dad a Christmas gift, he is always the last on my list and I have no idea what to get him!

Keep an eye out for future Twitter contests by following us at @ConsolidatedCA, and be sure to search the hashtag #100Days100Ways to take a look at all of the great holiday savings tips that we collected.


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