Consolidated Credit launches 7 new counselling centres in Canada

Toronto, ON – Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada, Inc., today announced that seven new counselling centres will open across Canada on Thursday, July 1. Counsellors at the national non-profit organization are well versed in financial management and consumer debt strategies, and work to create the best solution for clients based on their individual needs.

“We’re thrilled to be expanding! It will enable us to offer our services to more Canadians than ever,” said Jeffrey Schwartz, executive director of Consolidated Credit. “We look forward to strengthening our presence in each community to continue to offer on-the-ground support, guidance and advice for those who need it.”

Consolidated Credit will open credit counselling centers in the following cities in the coming month, with additional offices opening across the country by the end of 2010:

  • Montreal, Quebec
  • Downtown Toronto, Barrie and Kitchener, Ontario
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Calgary, Alberta
  • Vancouver, British Columbia

The counselling team at Consolidated Credit teaches consumers how to budget, manage debt and use credit wisely. Canadians can also benefit from the company’s free workbooks and guides, face-to-face counselling and referrals to other financial agencies and services. Also offered is a free iPhone and iPod application, “Budget Tool“, which can be used to manage expenses on-the-go. In addition, Consolidated Credit offers customized education sessions and programs for workplaces and community groups including high schools, municipal governments (or city regions), corporations and more.

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