A Birthday Party on a Budget can Still be a Blowout

 Don’t let having a birthday party on a budget be a bummer. When you are a kid (and even when you are grown up) birthdays are special. It’s a day to celebrate and to be (and made to feel) special. Unfortunately, the costs of hosting a child’s birthday party have ballooned (pardon the pun) over the last few years and can derail your monthly budget. Remember celebrating doesn’t have to come with a huge price tag. Here are some ideas to save money when you throw your child a birthday party.

Have it at home

No question, there are merits to hosting a birthday party at a venue out of your home (cleaning up, for one) but the cost of doing so can be substantial. Consider having a party at home instead.

To keep the costs (and the chaos) down, keep the guest list and the time window for the party short.

Pick your time of day wisely

Host the party in the morning or in the afternoon, but not over meal times. That means that you can get away with snacks instead of a full meal.

The Dollar Store is your friend

Hit your local dollar store for pretty much everything for your party- decorations, plates, cups, loot bag goodies and maybe even some activities for the party, depending on what you plan to do.

Send digital invitations

Save paper and money at the same time by sending your invitations via email or through a party hosting website.

Make your own cake

Occasion cakes cost a fortune. Even if you use a mix, baking a cake at home is still yummy, looks acceptable and is a fraction of the price.

Plan your games/activities

There are loads of ways to keep kids entertained without spending a lot. Have a scavenger hunt (which can be done indoors or outdoors). Host a “teddy bear picnic”, where kids bring their favourite stuffies.  Have a three-legged race. Do themed crafts or get busy in the kitchen baking or cooking kid style.




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