Affordable Father’s Day activities that are better than gifts

Father’s Day is right around the corner and if you don’t have anything planned yet, it’s time to figure out how to make Dad’s day special this year! Of course you’d love to go all out and buy him an expensive gift but you may be on a strict budget. If you’re low on cash, it won’t make sense to overspend, especially with all the frugal money lessons dad taught you over the years. No need to worry! Below are some affordable Father’s Day activities that say “I love you, but thanks for also teaching me to be good with money”:

Affordable Father's day activities

  1. A nice meal: Might sound a little cliché but the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Your dad will love being treated to a nice meal out. There are various restaurant options to choose from, suitable to each budget. This will allow you to stay on budget as well as enjoy quality time with your dad.
  2. Family Picnic: You and your siblings can pitch in and organize a nice family picnic. This way the whole family comes together and dad gets to enjoy the company of those that matter most to him.
  3. Go fishing: Does your dad love fishing? If you live near a pond or lake, organize a full fishing day together.
  4. Help out: Does dad have an abundance of tools or a home office? Whatever his space may be, do something nice and organize it for him as a surprise. He’ll love the gesture! You can also wash his car for him or do some yard work.
  5. Go through old photos together: Bring back old memories of you two together and rejoice special moments by watching old home videos and flipping through family albums.
  6. Barbecue for Dad: Host a barbecue for dad! Pick out his favourite items to grill and serve him a lunch he’ll love and appreciate.
  7. Cook together: You can either cook a meal for him yourself or cook together to spend time with each other.
  8. Play some sports: Bring back childhood memories of when dad used to play catch and taught you your first sport. You can also bring in your siblings to create teams for more fun.
  9. Go camping: Want to take dad away on a trip but nothing fits in the budget? Camping is an inexpensive way to go away with minimal expenses.
  10. Enjoy the outdoors: Don’t have enough time to fit that in your schedule? You can also go for a hike together and enjoy the scenery.
  11. Make something together: Pick up a DIY Wine or Beer kit and have fun putting it in action. You can also put dads tools to use and complete a wood project together.
  12. Coupons for dad: Make dad a coupon booklet with activities and chores dad will love like family bike ride, making breakfast, watching his favourite movie etc.
  13. Local outings: Go out and visit what your city is known for or any other fun places. This could be a local landmark, amusement park, museum, your local golf club, bowling alley, paintball or shooting range.

Your dad will enjoy any of the above activities and appreciate the thought that went into organizing everything. All dad really wants for Father’s Day is you, so spend some quality time with him through fun activities that are better than gifts.

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