Feeling broke for March Break? Affordable March Break ideas

It’s March Break! It’s cause for a lot of celebrating or maybe it’s time to wonder – how are you going to pay for the week while your children are off from school? For some parents, March Break is the reason for a lot of financial stress. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can look into some fun but also affordable March Break ideas for your family. affordable march break ideas

In many ways, parents would love to give their children the world however the reality is, if giving your children the world is going to set you back financially – is it really worth it? When you really think about it – it’s not. It’s tempting to head to the nearest airport and take the first plane to a Caribbean getaway to shake off the winter blahs, but how are you going to pay for it? A new survey by Ipsos for BDO says most Canadians will charge their plans for March Break to their credit card. And on average Canadians will spend almost $600. If you are trying to make plans for your March Break consider you do not need to break the bank to have a good time with your family. There are a variety of fun and frugal events to satisfy your needs.

“I know many parents would love to give their children the best March Break filled with nautical adventures and excursions however if you are still trying to pay off your holiday debt, you may be tight on cash,” says Jeffrey Schwartz, executive director, Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada.

“You don’t have to take out your savings to have a good time for March Break. Instead think of ways together to make March Break fun for your family,” says Schwartz.

So give up the idea of taking from Peter to pay Paul and think of fun frugal ways to celebrate March Break, you may want to start with the following fun but affordable March break ideas:

Keep it local

Get to know your city or town. At March Break there are a variety of free community activities for the whole family or some events and festivals will be held at a nominal cost. You can enjoy everything from maple syrup festivals to family-oriented movie days at your local Cineplex Odeon theatre – the choice is yours.

Day trip!

Pack the car with snack and games and head out of town for a day trip. See what other towns have to offer. It will be fun to explore new cities as a family and it will cost you a lot less than airfare on an airplane.

Camping anyone?

Most campers say March Break is an excellent time to go camping and experience the great outdoors. There are so many provincial parks available with massive camp grounds Canada-wide. Find the best park for your family by contacting Parks Canada at 1-888-773-8888.

Stay put

Let’s be real, sometimes staying home is the best form of relaxation and fun any family could have. So turn your home into a March Break playground and have fun with your kids. The experience shared will create a lifetime of memories!

March Break doesn’t have to be a matter of breaking your bank. You can have a wonderful spring break with your family at minimal cost to you with the above March break ideas. However when you are saddled with a heavy burden of debt; spending time with your family can be the last thing on your mind. When debt takes control of your life – there’s hardly anything else you can see. If you’re at that point, it’s time to seek credit counselling. Call a trained credit counsellor now at 1-888-294-3130 so you can put your family at the top of your mind again and sleep better at night.

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