Boxing your Holiday Budget into a Corner

(TORONTO, ON) – Twas the night before Christmas, about a quarter-after-nine, and while children were sleeping, dad shopped online. Most of our shopping will go on standby, but this Christmas Eve, it goes to Best Buy.

Using your card to buy with one click, the price tag’s as generous as old Saint Nick. Boxing Day sales have come early this year, fighting Black Friday for their share of cheer. For most people, their holiday budget is stretched thinner than heck, with half of us living paycheque-to-paycheque!

You’ve done your best to frugally spend, but Boxing Day could win in the end. Carefully plan to resist the urge, and you will have savings instead of a splurge. Try your best to keep your credit bill clean, and you will enjoy a debt-free ’15!

The number-crunching elves at Consolidated Credit have put together the following list of good deeds to help keep you off the naughty list on Boxing Day:

  • Make a list of needs – Your friends and family probably treated you to some “for-fun” Christmas gifts. For Boxing Day shopping, you should consider focusing on needs rather than wants – winter jackets over video games.
  • Give the card a rest – Chances are, your credit card is still smouldering from a very busy December. Let it cool down and make Boxing Day a cash-only shopping trip.
  • Do your homework – Plan your attack – check out flyers and promotional e-mails so you know exactly where to go and exactly what to look for. Wandering and browsing will increase the odds that you’ll make an impulse purchase that you may regret.
  • Take your time when shopping online – Storing your credit card and address on a website to do “one-click” purchases may be convenient, but it robs you of valuable reflection time. Follow the 30-minute rule – after you find your item, give yourself a half-hour to reflect on the item. Do you really need it?
  • Be safe online – Use only trusted websites. Look in the URL bar and make sure there’s a security icon (usually a padlock) and an “S” at the beginning of the URL (like https://www…). Keep an eye on your credit statements and check your credit report regularly.

“A bargain is not really a bargain if you’ve already gone over your holiday budget,” says Jeff Schwartz, executive director of Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada. “Avoiding overspending and staying on-budget will be the best gift you can give yourself.”

Jeffrey Schwartz is available to the media throughout the entire 2014 holiday season.

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