Budget Father’s Day gift ideas

Now that Mother’s Day has come and gone, kids of all ages will be getting ready to do something to make Dad feel special this Father’s Day.

When it comes to Dad, expensive gifts and lavish treats are not always the best way to celebrate. For most fathers having children who are thoughtful and frugal is about as good as it gets.

For many, dear old dad is often easy to please – but really hard to shop for. You can always go the easy route and get him another uninspired tie. Or you can follow some of these budget friendly tips to make him feel loved and appreciated – without breaking the bank.

Be thoughtful and attentive – Dads typically don’t want much for Father’s Day. Maybe a little time with their kids, and the ‘game’ on TV! Do what your Dad likes to do and give him your undivided attention. Running to the fridge for a cold soda or having his favourite desert will mean a lot. Don’t spend money on gifts – When it comes to Dad, homemade cards and gift certificates are best. Washing his car, mowing the lawn or cleaning out the gutters are all good gift certificates for Dad. If you must buy something, make it fun instead of expensive. Reinforce one of his lessons – Most Dads have special life lessons that they constantly try to teach their kids. There is a good chance you can please Dad immensely if you can show him that you remember and even use one of those lessons. Spending very little money may just remind him that you know money doesn’t grow on trees. Breakfast in bed – Why should Mom be they only one to get this treat. Every Father’s Day should include a homemade breakfast to show Dad how much you appreciate him. Hit the grass – When it comes to Father’s Day there is little that brings more delight to Dads and kids alike than a nice piece of grass, a Frisbee, a baseball or a soccer ball. It would be even better if you took the time to mow that lawn before you have fun together. Let him know he’s appreciated – Father’s Day may not get the same fanfare as Mother’s Day, but when it comes down to it your Dad really just wants to feel appreciated. For him, small gestures that show you care are far more meaningful than buying an expensive gift.

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