Trying to Climb the Career Ladder

Majority of Canadian millennials would lie about being fired

Career LadderIn today’s competitive job market, it looks like millennials are willing to fudge the truth in order to protect their professional brand.

In a survey released today by LinkedIn, the career-oriented social networking service found that millennials (Canadians aged 25-34) are taking extra steps to ensure they are putting their best foot forward to maximize their career potential.

The survey found:

  • Sixty-two per cent of millennials would not be honest about being fired.
  • Young Canadian workers are most likely to consider themselves “yes employees,” with 70 per cent saying they are apt to do as they are told and not apt to question authority.
  • Millennials change their profile photos more often, believing their photo is oftentimes their best chance at a good first impression.

Jeff Schwartz, executive director of Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada, says the survey results show that millennials are taking no chances when it comes to income security.

The stakes are tremendously high for younger Canadians,” says Schwartz.  “They’re graduating with tremendous amounts of student debt, they’re facing sky-high housing costs, and they’re entering a work world in which more and more baby boomers are extending their careers.  Is it really surprising that they aren’t taking any chances?”

Schwartz warns against dishonesty, noting that it’s a gamble that won’t likely pay off.

“Lying on your resume is the oldest trick in the book,” adds Schwartz.  “Employers will see right through it and it’ll cost you in job opportunities, which in turn will put you at financial risk.”

He adds that millennials should concentrate on earning a steady income, paying down debt, and building a savings account.  Promotions will lead to better incomes and better financial well-being, but focusing on the basics will help create financial stability.

Schwartz and the team at Consolidated Credit put together the following tips to help guide millennials in the early stages of their career:

  • Get a job – any job – It can feel seemingly impossible to find work in your field. But holding out for the perfect job could take a financial toll.  Waiting too long and delaying income could throw you into financial peril.  Don’t ignore your financial obligations and don’t take on debt to support your job hunt.  Find a job that will pay the bills and keep searching for the dream job.
  • Think long-term – You might not have the job you want today, but you’re earning an income. You are also gaining skills that will build toward a better position.  Job postings that look for an “experienced” candidate are doing it for a reason – they want someone who is seasoned.
  • Keep updating – Even if you are content in your current position, you should be continually updating your résumé and LinkedIn profile. If you learn a new skill at work, make sure your resume reflects it.  If you helped with a project, add it to your profile.  This will help ensure you are ready when the time is right to reach for that next rung on the ladder.
  • Upgrade yourself – Keep an eye on job postings for commonly-requested skills or certifications and enroll in night classes when you have the time and have saved up for the tuition costs. Many colleges offer flexible schedules to accommodate professionals, and online courses allow you to study on your own time.  If your new certification will earn you a better income, it’ll pay for itself.
  • Network – “It’s all about who you know” is a common phrase for a reason – it’s true. Go to networking events and make contacts in your field.  Meeting people and building relationships will not only help you in the future, but they could very well provide resources for your current position.


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