Child Tax Credits and Benefits: Do You Qualify?

Raising kids is expensive! But there are opportunities to save. Child tax credits and benefits are provided in Canada to help low to moderate income families with the cost of raising their children. Are you availing their benefits? Do you qualify? Below are some child tax credits, benefits available and their eligibility details:

child tax credits benefits canada


  1. Canada Child Benefit: The Canada Child Benefit provides up to $6,400 per child under age 6 and up to $5,400 per child aged 6 to 17. Canada Child Benefit is based on net family income and is reduced when the family income exceeds $30,000. Find out if you may qualify for the Canada Child Benefit here.
  2. Ontario Child Benefit: The Ontario Child Benefit supports over 500,000 families and approximately over 1,000,000 children with up to $1,356 per child per year.
  3. Caring for a child in financial need: If you are temporarily caring for a non-biological child you have not adopted who is in need of financial care, you may be able to receive financial help under Temporary Care Assistance. Temporary Care Assistance provides money to an adult on behalf of the child under the condition that the child is not the caregiver’s legal dependent, requires financial help and is not under the care of a Children’s Aid Society. You can find out more detail and apply here.
  4. Transition Child Benefit: If you are either not receiving the Ontario Child Benefit or receiving less than the maximum amount or waiting for the payments to get started and have children under the age of 18, you may be eligible to receive the Transition Child Benefit. Contact Ontario Works for more information.
  5. Ontario Child Care Subsidy: You can apply if your child is under 13 years of age or up to 18 years of age if your child has special needs and is either enrolled in an approved recreation program, a before or after school program operated by the school board or is in a licensed child care program.
  6. Deductible Child Care Expenses: Child care expenses incurred by the parent, spouse or common law partner to look after a child so the person can continue to earn income from employment or a business or attend school can be claimed under certain conditions which you should take benefit of if eligible.
  7. Child Disability Benefit: Child Disability Benefit is a tax free benefit for up to $2,730 per year for families with children under the age of 18 that qualify for the disability tax credit. Here are more details on eligibility.
  8. Special Needs Resourcing: Helps to support children with special needs and to be included in licensed child care settings and approved recreation programs at no costs.
  9. Children’s Activity Tax and Fitness Tax Credits: 2017 and onwards, the Children’s Activity Tax and Fitness Tax Credits are no longer available. But if you’re yet to file your taxes for 2016, you can still claim up to $560 in eligible expenses and receive $56 per child under age 16 and $112 for a child under age 18 with a disability for the Children’s Activity tax Credit and claim up to $500 per child for eligible physical activity fees paid in 2016. Here are some more details and list of eligible activities.
  10. Healthy Smiles Ontario: Provides dental care services for children and youth under the age of 17 from low income households. Here are the income eligibility requirements and more details.
  11. Financial help for adopted children: To reduce financial barriers for families who adopt children, there is government assistance
  12. Canada Caregiver Tax Credit: For 2017 and onwards, the Canada Caregiver Tax Credit will be replacing the Caregiver Tax Credit, Infirm Dependent Tax Credit and Family Caregiver Tax Credit. The Canada Caregiver Tax Credit will be up to $2,150 for the taxable year of 2017 for an infirm child who is under the age of 18 at the end of the tax year. An infirm dependent child is one who due to mental or physical infirmity is dependent on others for personal needs or care comparatively more than children of the same age. Here are some more details on the new Canada Caregiver Tax Credit.
  13. Government support and services for children in need: There are various support programs and services provided by the government for families with children in need to help reduce financial burden. Here is a list of available special needs support programs.


If you’d like to check your eligibility on the above and more, head over to the Ontario Tax Credit Calculator and Child Benefits Calculator to check.

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