Consolidated Credit receives accreditation in Ontario

Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) September 21, 2009 – Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada Inc. has recently been accredited by the Ontario Association of Credit Counselling Services adding to their list of distinction within the industry. Best practices and professionalism of policies and procedures at the staff and board levels of the agency are all clearly reflected in this intensive process.

An Accreditation Certificate is viewed as a trustworthy seal of approval. Credit counselling agencies displaying this certificate have been held to a high level of accountability and must adhere to industry best practices. Consumers can be assured that accredited credit counselling agencies have undergone an extensive internal and external review process that measures their policies and procedures against the industry standard. Successful achievement of Accreditation assures consumers and funding institutions of high quality professional service and a well run community based agency. “Going through this arduous and rewarding process has been a benefit to the entire organization; our employees, and the board.” Says Jeff Schwartz, Executive Director, Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada.

An accreditation review involves an intensive study of the agency by peer reviewers. The peer reviewers know the industry and understand the best practices involved in service delivery to consumers. The cumulative result is that the whole sector benefits. The peers learn through the experience of accrediting others and bring this knowledge back to their own organization. This process helps organizations to learn and develop improved ways of providing much needed services in their fields.

The process continuously evolves resulting from the knowledge acquired between organizations that eventually produce best practice standards over time. This results in raising the bar for services. Accredited organizations are those that are dedicated to bringing the best possible programs to their communities. Look for an Accreditation Certificate next time you visit Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada Inc. “We are thrilled with this achievement, as ultimately, the consumer benefits with a higher level of professionalism throughout the industry.” says Schwartz.

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