The Health Dangers of Debt Stress

Debt stress fuels depression

 If you have ever struggled with debt, it may be no surprise that health professionals are becoming more and more concerned about the effects of debt stress.  Experts say debt stress can cause sleepless nights, high blood pressure, and can lead to depression or even suicidal thoughts.

Consolidated Credit Counselling Services of Canada hears many stories from clients who express a sense of “relief” after they reach out to a trained credit counsellor and know that they are on the path to becoming debt-free.  That relief comes after many months or years (or decades!) of constant stress and worries about their financial health.

The CBC’s Health team recently took a look at debt, stress, and depression, and spoke to executive director Jeff Schwartz about cases that he has seen throughout his many years of credit counselling.

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Is your debt affecting your health?

Posted by CBC News: The National on Monday, June 8, 2015

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