Fall Fun

And just like that, summer has passed us by. Canadians wait all year for it, enjoy it as much as we can, and then *poof*, it’s gone. Anyone who was in denial was jolted into reality when Calgary had to deploy its snowplows in early September. Make no mistake about it: winter is coming.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Autumn allows us a chance to ease our way into the icy abyss. The changing leaves provide scenic beauty, and the cooler weather allows us to give our air conditioners a rest.

Sure, the lakes and oceans are too cold for swimming, but the end of summer does not mean the end of fun. Consolidated Credit has put together a list of fall fun for you and your family to enjoy, while staying within your budget:

  • Apple picking – Get out of the city and head to the orchards. Canada boasts a wide array of apple orchards and now is prime pickin’. Search OrangePippin.com for a U-Pick orchard near you. They tend to offer very reasonable prices by weight, and they usually have great activities for the kids like hay rides and petting zoos. After your afternoon in the sunshine, invite the family to the kitchen to prepare any number of autumn-inspired treats like apple cider, apple pie, and candy apples.
  • Hiking – With autumn comes the beauty of red and yellow leaves. Instead of burning gas on a long country drive, head to a hiking tail and get some exercise while you’re at it. Canada has no shortage of gorgeous trails and Reader’s Digest compiled a list of our ten most beautiful hiking destinations.
  • Wine harvests – This one is for the adults. If you happen to live near one of Canada’s many vineyards, autumn can be a lot of fun. Now is the time of year to witness wine harvests and maybe even participate in the truly unique experience of grape-stomping. Many vineyards have special events during harvest season which often include free tastings.
  • Fall fairs – Now is the time of year to take in the timeless joy of fairs and exhibitions. The Canadian Association of Fairs and Exhibitions has a year-round calendar, and many dates land at the end of summer and the beginning of fall. Get your kids to put down their video games and tablets and show them the age-old joys of cotton candy, merry-go-rounds, and Ferris wheels; all at a fraction of the price of big-ticket amusement parks.
  • Pumpkin patch – Halloween is quickly approaching, and those ahead of the game will want to get to a nearby farm to grab a prime pumpkin before they are picked-over by the masses. Like apple picking, your children will have a chance to learn about where produce comes from before it hits the grocery store. Just hold off on the carving – that is best saved for a week or two before Halloween to ensure your Jack-o-Lantern doesn’t turn to mush.

Turning seasons are an inspiring time and autumn is a great opportunity to get out and make the most of our natural surroundings… before they freeze.

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