Don’t let Valentine’s Day be a financial thorn in your side

TORONTO, February 9: Cupid’s arrow has been launched signalling the beginning of the search for the brightest and best valentine’s gift. This is a very popular time of year to buy something very sparkly for someone you love. However, if you haven’t saved enough to pay for the little gem it may be the cause of unwanted financial stress on your heart and your bank account.

“Money worries add enough stress on a daily basis don’t add to it by having to buy a valentine’s gift that leaves you debt-laden,” says Jeffrey Schwartz, executive director of Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada, Inc. “One of the keys to financial happiness is changing habits and attitudes towards money.”

As an alumnus of Consolidated Credit Counseling Service of Canada’s Debt Management Program, Dustin has changed his attitude. “My wife and I are saving for a house this year. To help stay within our budget this Valentines Day, we’re staying home, enjoying a romantic movie night with pizza and wine. The time spent together will far outweigh the value of diamonds!”

Did you forget to include the temptation of cupid’s arrow in your financial budget this year? Here are a few ideas that will help take the pressure off your wallet:

Surf the internet and not the stores. There are so many free sites available today with creative cards you are bound to find more than one to fit the occasion. In fact, send multiple messages to keep your special someone smiling all day long.

Home is where the heart is and not in a restaurant. Follow Dustin’s lead; a bottle of wine, pizza and a romantic movie can be one of your most memorable celebrations especially when you are striving to save for a special purchase like a house.

Take a walk down memory lane and not in the mall. Celebrate on Sunday, February 13 by spending the day visiting the places in the city where you met, had your first kiss, the coffee shop where you spent hours getting to know each other or took your first walk in the park.

Exchange homemade presents and not store bought gifts that aren’t perfect. Just knowing the gift is homemade and comes from the heart is more meaningful than being given something store bought that doesn’t fit right or you don’t really like.

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