Embrace the Lunchbox! Fun Kids Lunch Ideas

While you may be celebrating the fact that your kids have returned to school and to routine (which can really make life easier sometimes) you are most likely not celebrating the fact that you’ve got to pack lunches again.

Fun Kids Lunch IdeasPacking lunches that are tasty (picky eaters?), economical (groceries are expensive) and logistically sound (some foods are not allowed in schools because of food allergies) is no small feat. That’s why thinking outside the box (lunch box that is) may serve you well. Check out the fun kids lunch ideas below:

Reinvent the wheel sandwich

Does the thought of yet another ham/turkey (insert filling) sandwich have your youngster ready to hurl their lunchboxes out of the classroom window? Instead of coming up with new things to put inside the sandwich- look to the outside instead.

Toss that bread and stuff a pita, croissant or a tortilla (wraps are way more cool than sandwiches). Or- if you’ve got a waffle iron, whip up a batch of savoury waffles. Definitely better than bread.

The Bento Box

Kids love to snack, but so many of them downright balk at eating meals. What if you tricked them convinced them to eat snacks instead of lunch.

In this case, it is all about the presentation. Pack several small boxes with favourite finger foods, and your kids can graze at their very own lunch buffet. Think of things like cheese, cubed meats, chickpeas, cherry tomatoes and crackers.


Junk food, right? Not if you DIY.

Brush tortilla wraps with oil and season with salt and pepper. Bake until crispy and break into small pieces. Pack the chips, along with some sour cream (protein) and homemade salsa (veggies) and you’ve got a winner.

The thermos

Who doesn’t love a hot lunch (and especially so as the temperatures begin to cool)? Your thermos isn’t just for soup and hot chocolate.

Heat that baby up with hot water and make some of your kids’ favourite meals in the morning, while they are eating breakfast. Chicken nuggets and fries take about 15 minutes in the oven. Make a bunch of meatballs in advance and microwave them so they are really hot. Lunchtime bistro!

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