Save Some Green While Going Green on Earth Day

(TORONTO, ON) – What are the best ways to “go green” and save money? With Earth Day 2014 coming up on April 22nd, people across the country are going to be environmentally conscience – at least for one day.

Earth day

Walking or riding your bike to work are two obvious ways to give both Mother Nature and your bank account a break, but Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada, Inc.’s executive director Jeff Schwartz says there are a lot of other little things the average Canadian can do.

“There are loads of ways to save money and help the environment on Earth Day. Using natural light in your home and office is going to cut both your energy usage and energy costs. So, throw open those drapes or curtains and let the sunshine in!” advises Schwartz.

According to Earth Day Canada, over six million Canadians participate in some kind of Earth Day activity. Schools, families and communities across the country will be helping the environment by planting trees, cleaning parks, or through a variety of other activities.

As a leader in financial education, Consolidated Credit believes Earth Day is a great opportunity to teach our children both good money and environmental habits.

“Habits – both financial and environmental – are formed when we are young. Parents have a great responsibility to teach their children ways to save money, and save the environment” adds Schwartz, “Can we eliminate all the waste from our lives? Probably not. But we can take small steps to ensure the health of the environment, and our bank accounts”.

The CBC reports that Canadians are one of the biggest garbage producers per capita in the world, with the average citizen producing around 800 kilograms of trash each year. Using creative ways to cut down that amount will help the average person save money. Instead of throwing out old clothes, re-purpose them as rags. Why toss out used printer paper – just flip it over and use it as coloring paper for your kids! Giving certain products a second life can save you money, and help the environment.

Statistics Canada states that Canadians waste around 40% of the food we produce. Alarmingly, Simon Fraser University reports that the average family tosses out around $1,000 a year in unused food. For people on the brink of a debt disaster, cutting down on this unnecessary waste can mean the difference between healthy finances, and being overwhelmed with debt.

Other tips for saving money while helping the environment include –

· Re-using old shopping bags

· Buying used items – and saving them from the landfill

· Carpooling to work

· Reading your newspaper online, instead of getting a paper copy

· Composting

· Collecting rain water to use in your garden

· Turning down the heat in your home, or limiting the use of air conditioning

Canada is a beautiful nation that is lucky to have an abundance of natural resources. Earth Day is an opportunity to show our appreciation for all that Mother Nature has given us. At the same time, we can learn how “going green” can save us money. Resources like Save Energy, Save Money and the official Earth Day Canada website will show you how to be green, while staying in the black.

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