Good Credit or Good Looks?

Canadians are split over which is sexier.

For Valentine’s Day, perhaps the biggest gift you can give your significant other is…a healthy credit score.

Sounds unromantic? Not to 67 percent of those polled by digital finance company Mogo, which found, “67 percent of replies claimed to favour an awesome credit score over model good looks.”

Even so, a low credit score wasn’t a relationship deal-breaker: “87 percent of respondents said they would actively encourage their partner to fix it.”

That’s because many Canadians realize how crucial good credit is for a long-term relationship. They know it can make buying a home much more expensive – or even keep you from being approved for a mortgage at all.

A few Canadians even go to extremes: 6 percent said they would ask a potential partner about their credit score “during the first few dates,” while 2 percent “think you should know before having sex.”

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