Banish Your Halloween Debt Demons

TORONTO, ON – Halloween is a frightening time of year. With the costs of costumes, candy and elaborate decorations all adding up, the scariest Halloween horror may just be the tally on your credit card bill. This year, Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada encourages Canadians to banish their debt demons and enjoy a Halloween without the ghoulish prices.

Statistics Canada reports that Halloween spending in 2011 exceeded $1.5 billion, making it the fourth busiest shopping season of the year. Each year, Canadian families shell-out close to $300 each on all the trimmings for a spooktacular All Hallows Eve. That’s a lot of money for candy, costumes and creeps.

What happened to the days of home-made costumes, jack-o-lanterns on the front step, and using a pillow case to collect your Halloween loot,” asked Jeffrey Schwartz, executive director at Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada, Inc. “These days, Halloween has lost its imagination and is quickly turning our credit card bills into a real horror story.”

Put the fun back into Halloween this year by following some of these tips tricks to help banish your Halloween debt demons once and for all:

Prepare: First, decide how much your family budget can handle for Halloween. Take a good look at your budget, and be realistic about how much you will spend on candy, decorations and costumes.

Shop Around: Find out which stores have the best bargains, and remember Halloween only comes around once a year – items don’t have to be top of the line or the best quality.

Use your Imagination: If you really want to banish the debt demon, reuse parts of past costumes, swap costumes and decorations with a friend, or try non-traditional sources of costumes like used clothing stores or the back of mom and dad’s closet.

Keep it simple: Don’t go crazy decorating your house just to keep up with the neighbourhood. A simple jack-o-lantern is all the kids need to know you have treats.

Don’t let your debt load be the scariest thing you see this Halloween. For more tips and tricks to keep the debt demons away, follow Consolidated Credit on Facebook. Share your own tips and tricks for a chance to win a special Halloween treat!

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