Father’s Day with Beer and BBQ

Father's Day

(TORONTO, ON) – Doesn’t your dad deserve to be celebrated after a lifetime of killing bugs while you squirmed in the corner? Well, Father’s Day is your chance to give him a gift – and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

A Bank of Montreal survey in 2013 showed that Canadians spend an average of $95 on gifts for dads – not a small amount.

But, dad doesn’t need a new watch, expensive necktie or a new lawnmower on his special day. All he really wants is to know that some of the lessons he taught to his children as they grew up are still valued.

Jeff Schwartz, executive director of Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada and father of 3, says the price is not important –

“Keep it frugal and simple. Canadian fathers would rather just spend time with you instead of having you spend money on them,” advises Schwartz. “Showing your dad you are financially responsible will make him happier than any expensive gift ever could.”

Consolidated Credit has come up with a few frugal gift ideas that will allow you to stick to your budget while putting a smile on your father’s face –

· Homebrew – What’s more Canadian than a Canadian man drinking a Canadian beer? Take this up a notch by bringing your dad to one of the many homebrew locations across the country. Brew up the “Wilson Family Ale” or the “John Baker Pilsner” for a fraction of what it costs to buy beer at a retail outlet. Save money and spend time with your father. It’s the best of both worlds.

· Spice it up – Canadian men love to BBQ – even when it’s snowing! Gather up some herbs and spices and invite your dad into the kitchen. You are going to make up some special spices, dry rubs and a sauce or two that he’ll be able to use on his steaks, chicken breasts and pork chops all year round. Not only does this cost next to nothing, it’s also probably going to get you invited over for dinner a lot more too!

· Take a rest, dad – Even as your father advances in age, he’s still probably washing the car, taking out the trash, cutting the grass and doing a bunch of other household chores. Well, not on his special day. Arrive early and start doing all the work around the home that he would normally do. Your dad will love to be able to put his feet up and relax for a day or two. It won’t cost anything and it’ll give your dad the thing he craves the most – time!

“Holidays can be pressure packed with the burden of finding the perfect gift. Price doesn’t equal value in the eyes of your father. Give a gift from the heart – not from the wallet,” says Schwartz.

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