Planning your honeymoon without going into debt

Avoid adding to that wedding debt pile by finding ways to cut costs for your honeymoon.

It’s very common for people to use credit to book travel, promising themselves that they’ll pay it back later. However, if the trip in question is your honeymoon, there is a good chance that you are already shouldering at least some debt from your wedding already.

Create a honeymoon registry

You don’t have to limit your gift registry to china and crystal. If going on a honeymoon is a priority for you as a couple, then create a honeymoon registry with a travel agent. Make sure that your guests know that the registry exists and that you’d be very appreciative for funds to help you travel.

Make your honeymoon an anniversary trip

Who says that your honeymoon has to be directly after your wedding? Why not postpone it for a few months to pay down wedding debt and save up for travel? Even better, wait a whole year and have an anniversary trip instead of a honeymoon.

Use rewards points

Plan your purchases strategically to take advantage of all the reward points that you can to keep your travel costs down. Rewards points aren’t just for flights. You can use them for hotels, car rentals and even attraction tickets.

Destination wedding

If it is in the budget (and in your guests budget) what about a destination wedding? You combine the wedding and the honeymoon at once.

Shop around

Travel costs vary widely from site to site, from day to day and from season to season. Get to know how much things cost so that you can spot a deal when you see one. Be sure to check your prices often even after you book, as many travel sites or travel companies will rebook travel at the new price or give you other compensation (depending on the type of travel).

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