A Hundred Ways to Save for the Holidays

#100Days100Ways campaign off to roaring start

We have passed the half-way point of the #100Days100Ways Twitter campaign and it is showing no signs of slowing down.  The campaign was designed to provide Consolidated Credit’s Twitter followers with daily advice on ways to save and cutting down on holiday shopping bills during the 100 days leading up to Christmas.

When the team at Consolidated Credit asked Twitter followers to chime in with their own advice for the chance to win a prize, the campaign took on a life of its own.

“We have been totally overwhelmed by the response,” says Jeff Schwartz, executive director of Consolidated Credit.  “We have seen some tremendously creative ideas and when you bring together so many frugally-minded people, you’re guaranteed to get some great tips.”

Twitter follower Julie R. was the first to win a $100 gift card for her clutter-busting-cash-grabbing Tweet:

Hundred Ways to Save

Schwartz launched the campaign to help Canadians avoid the annual doom-and-gloom of January credit cards.

During the holiday season, we love to go above and beyond in order to provide a memorable time for our loved ones,” comments Schwartz.  “It’s enough to make even the smartest shoppers lose control, and unfortunately that lapse of judgement can take a toll on your credit card.”

Schwartz hopes some daily inspiration will help to curb the shopping impulse.

With a hundred tips from Consolidated Credit, plus countless more from the Twitterverse, you’re bound to find something that is going to transform your holiday balance sheet.”

To join in on the fun, follow @ConsolidatedCA on Twitter, retweet one of our daily tips, and add your own words of wisdom.

For inspiration, look for our #100Days100Days hashtag.  There, you’ll find great Tweets like these:





Are you worried that your balances in the red will give you a blue Christmas?  Instead of going further into debt to finance the holidays, reach out to a trained credit counsellor by calling 1-888-294-3130 to learn about your best options for taking care of debt problems.  You can also get the process started online by trying out Free Budget Analysis.

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