It’s wedding season, a time of great joy and scams

It’s the wedding season and scammers take advantage of unsuspecting couples this time of year

Your wedding day can be filled with long-lasting memories from walking down the aisle with the love of your life to embarrassing speeches from your family and friends. It is a day you will forever cherish.

Although this is the time of year when many couples spend on average $31,000, there are many opportunistic scammers posing as reliable vendors looking forward to taking advantage of various couples on their wedding day.

“It’s unfortunate, you put so much time and money towards your wedding day and for someone to take your hard earned cash away is nothing short of despicable,” says Jeffrey Schwartz, executive director, Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada.

“To avoid being another victim of an extensive wedding scam, wedding seasonask questions, do your research and if something sounds too good to be true – walk away from it,” says Schwartz.

There are a variety of wedding scams you can fall prey to. Although it feels awful to be taken for a ride, you could end up in debt. To help you avoid being a victim of another elaborate wedding scam which could push your budget out of control, here are some common cons to be aware of before your wedding day:

    • Avoid pushy vendors looking for a fast buck. Some vendors are really aggressive to not only get your business, but hustle you out of hundreds of dollars with their quick moves. Ignore the fast talk and read all contracts before signing. If you sign a contract, your contract will stipulate when you can cancel without any financial penalty. If a vendor keeps demanding money for services they have yet to complete or they keep cancelling appointments with lame excuses – listen to your gut and walk away.
    • Going, going, gone. So you found your perfect photographer, DJ or florist for your big day and decided to put down a $500 cash deposit to secure your spot. You call your vendor the next day, and find out their company is no longer in existence. To avoid future heartache, get all of your contracts in writing and refrain from paying in cash. Research a vendor before doing business with them or ask your family and friends for referrals.
    • Raiders of the gift table. How low can you go right? While you are dancing the night away, someone else is keeping a close eye on your gifts and money box for the perfect opportunity to steal. This unfortunate circumstance could be anyone in the room from your wedding guests to vendors. If at all possible, ask someone you trust to watch your gift table. If that is not possible, try to have your gift table in plain site near the head table away from any high traffic doors.
    • Knock off bargains galore. So you found the perfect Vera Wang wedding gown at an unbelievable price and you want to have it. However before you rush to purchase your dream gown, do you know the average wedding gown will run you from $900 to $1500? If you see a designer gown for $400, be honest with yourself and realize that there is a high probability it is not real. Before you lose hundreds of dollars on a knock off gown, research the bridal shop in question. It is common for some bridal stores to close shop before a client’s wedding day. To avoid the financial and emotional hardship, do your research and order from reputable bridal stores.

      If you are a bride or groom and you have been taken for a ride by opportunistic scam artists and now you are in hundreds or thousands of dollars of debt – let us help you be able to see the light of day again. Call one of our trained credit counsellors to help you manage some of wedding debts today at 1-888-294-3130.


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