Honour Mom with Love: Mother’s Day gifts that don’t break the bank

Skip the big flashy gifts; all Mom wants is you for Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is this weekend. It is a special day to honour mothers everywhere, so take time out of your day to remember the woman who changed your diapers, burped you at odd hours in the morning and clothed and fed you every single day without complaining. Your Mom holds a special place in your heart and you hold an extra special place in hers.

“Your Mom taught you about many life lessons when you were younger,” says Jeffrey Schwartz, executive director, Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada. “She may have even taught you how to be responsible with your money and the importance of paying your bills on time. So for this Mother’s Day, honour her by sticking to the money lessons you learned as a child.”

Show your Mom the ultimate act of love by keeping your finances in check this Mother’s Day! Consolidated Credit recommends the following frugal approaches to celebrate your Mom next month:

Give Mom you!

While you may think mom would love the most expensive mother’s day gift in the world, she would be content with spending some time with you. Mom would enjoy catching up on your life from your successes, failures and everything else in between. So go ahead and book some one on one time with your mother, and she will feel like she won a pot of gold.

Shopping for Mom?

If you prefer to go shopping for the perfect mother’s day gift, before you end up spending money you don’t have, create a realistic budget. Your budget will keep you from going overboard, resulting in more debt.

Get creative!

Nothing will melt a Mom’s heart more than receiving a gift made by her children or grandchildren. Get creative and make a homemade card or even create a poem. The options are endless. And if you do not want to spend an arm and a leg on your crafts, head to your local dollar store. There you will find an isle filled with tons of DIY crafts and at the fraction of the cost if you bought it at a specialty craft store.

Chef Ramsay is here!

Well not really, but you can pretend he is! If you love to cook, why not make a meal for mom. She will not only enjoy the break from the kitchen, she would enjoy tasting the food her son or daughter made for her while reminiscing about memories of your childhood.

It’s always a good idea to get a head start on your Mother’s Day plans; however, when you are struggling to manage your household finances on top of wondering how you are going to pay your pile of debt – you may feel overwhelmed and unable to even think about how you will honour your Mom. Help is available.

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