Gifts for Mother’s Day: It’s the thought that counts

She gave you life. She fed you. She bathed you and took care of you. She is your mom. At times, she’s been a shoulder to cry on and, at times, she’s taken the brunt of your anger. Through it all, she has loved you. She has always been there for you and, for that, you are extremely grateful.

How do you express your gratefulness with a gift on Mother’s Day? What kind of present can repay her for all that she has done? The truth is, nothing can. However, gifts are a symbol of your feelings for the woman you call “mom.” Remember, it’s not the price of the item that matters. Follow your mother’s advice – “It’s the thought that counts.”

Consolidated Credit has some great ideas for the perfect (and frugal) gift that won’t bust your budget.

Frugal Mother’s Day Ideas for the Perfect Budget

1. Plant a Tree: Get a tree sapling and plant it in your mom’s backyard. This will be “your tree” and every time she looks at it, she’ll know you care about her.

2. Cook her Favourite Meal: Remember how your mom would cook your favourite food for you on your birthday? Well, Mother’s Day is a chance to return the favour and treat your mom to a meal she’ll enjoy

3. Group Video Call: There’s a good chance that all of the kids and grand-kids aren’t going to be able to visit mom on her special day. But, you can make this happen through technology. Use Skype or Facebook to have a group video call with everybody who cares about mom. Now, this would really make her day!

4. Knit Her a Blanket, Scarf, or Toque: This is a way for you to make a gift that lasts. Take the time and knit your mom something she can use often. It’ll be a fun project for you, and a great gift for her.

5. Make a Personalized Playlist: This is an updated version of the classic mix tape. Download your mom’s favourite songs and put them together on her phone. For extra brownie points, record a few personalized messages to play between songs. If you make them heartfelt, this is a guaranteed winner.

6. Do the Chores: Cooking, cleaning, sweeping, dusting – a mother’s work is never done. On her special day, tell your mom to put her feet up and take a rest. As she watches her favourite movie, you can take care of all of her daily chores. Trust me, she’ll try to help, but don’t let her! She will truly appreciate this gift.

7. Say “I love you”: Those three simple words carry so much meaning with them. Bombard your mother with “I love you” on Mother’s Day. Text it. Say it over the phone. Send an email. Leave a card on her pillow. And, of course, say it as you hug her.

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