Celebrate summer with an old-fashioned vacation

Toronto, ON – Canada is in the throes of summer, with another long weekend fast approaching! For families looking to beat the heat, have some fun and stay on budget, Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada suggests enjoying some quality time with a good, old-fashioned summer holiday.

Sometimes the best place to relax and enjoy some downtime with family is in your own backyard,” said Jeffrey Schwartz, the executive director of Consolidated Credit. “An out-of-town vacation or even a weekend road trip for a family of four can be expensive and stressful. Avoid building up debt by creating a dream stay-at-home vacation.”

Canadians like being outdoors (especially in the summer) and it isn’t necessary to travel far to take in all that the country has to offer. Schwartz shares the following tips and ideas to create your own staycation:

  • Look for opportunities to enjoy your community! Pack a picnic lunch featuring favourite foods, homemade treats and summer snacks, then spend the day at a nearby park, public pool or beach. Let family members/kids choose a neighbourhood in your city/area you’ve never explored, hop on public transit and make it an adventure!
  • Pitch a tent or build a fort in the backyard, and have the entire family camp outside, sharing snacks, telling stories (spooky or otherwise) and playing games! Roast marshmallows and build a mini bonfire if safety regulations permit.
  • Host a board game tournament on a picnic table (or inside if it rains); bring the old classics or create new games together, then track ongoing scores of players to provide a homemade trophy to the winner.
  • If the weather isn’t perfect, visit your local library to stock up on books to read. Throw pillows on the floor to create cozy corners to curl up in. Encourage kids to read to each other and use their imaginations to tell their own tall tales.
  • Enjoy spending time with the people you love by turning off technology. Pretend you are out of town by avoiding your regular routines, keeping smart phones, iPods and video games turned off and having fun with activities usually saved for a trip!

For more great vacation planning and budgeting tools, visit www.consolidatedcredit.ca.

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