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How to avoid wedding debt

Consolidated Credit offers tips and tricks to help newlyweds avoid starting their new life with a mountain of debt from an expensive wedding. Learn ways to create a wedding budget and reduce costs so you can make your biggest day more affordable...Read full article

Know your score!

Is your credit rating costing you money? Find out how to review your credit report to repair your credit and improve your scores. With a better credit rating, you can get better interest rates and be in a better position to negotiate with potential credit..Read full article

Overcome the fear of filing

Filing your personal income taxes can be intimidating, but getting your taxes in on time and filed correctly can help you maximize your tax refund. Consolidated Credit offers tips and tricks to make filing taxes this year fast and easy...Read full article

We’re in the money, honey!

Consolidated Credit offers tips on what to do with your tax refund to help drastically improve your finances with the money you receive. With the right tax refund strategy, you can improve your financial situation now and help prepare for the future...Read full article

When is enough, enough?

A new report from the Royal Bank of Canada show Canadians are saving less and less each year. Learn techniques to help you start saving even on a tight budget and find out whether it's better to save for retirement or pay down debt...Read full article

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