Give Your Phone a Rest this Holiday Season

A new survey by market research firm Harris Interactive reveals 71 percent of Canadian parents age 25-55 wish they could ban the use of technology during family holiday meals.

The survey, which included over 1,000 Canadians, also states…

  • 65 percent of Canadians believe their family would benefit from taking a one-hour break every day from technology
  • 56 percent of find others’ use of electronic devices during family mealtimes at least somewhat annoying
  • 46 percent would like to ban the use of technology during family holidays entirely
  • On average, Canadians admit to spending 5.4 hours per day on electronic devices outside of work

“The holidays naturally bring people together, so they’re an ideal time to remind families to put down their devices and spend some time together tech-free,” says Kasia Czarski, senior vice president with insurance company Foresters.

Jeff Schwartz, executive director of Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada, takes this concept one step further. He’s concerned that the obsession about using these devices will lead to the urge to buy them too often and for too much.

“Using our devices can potentially give us an excuse to spend recklessly,” Schwartz says. “Give the phones a rest and instead, interact with a real person. It won’t cost you a thing, and the rewards may last a lifetime.”

If you are having problems controlling your spending this holiday season, check out Consolidated Credit’s  Holiday Survival Guide Video to help you keep within your budget. But if you find yourself mired in credit card debt, talk to a trained counsellor at 888-287-8506.

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