Plan the perfect summer party without going broke

Victoria Day is the unofficial start of summer in Canada. It is the time of year where many Canadians tend to their gardens, bring out their patio furniture from the garage and invite friends over for a BBQ.

Entertaining is fun however if you plan multiple parties throughout the summer or you simply do not have the funds – it can become really costly. When you factor in providing food, alcohol and utensils – you are at risk of really stretching your pocket and only for a few hours of fun. Follow the tips below and plan the perfect summer party without going broke:Plan the perfect summer party

  • Know your limit and stick to it. Create a budget and be faithful. When you cheat on your budget, your wallet will suffer. If you cannot afford a party of 100 guests – don’t plan for one.
  • This is not a free ride. It is stressful and costly to plan a party with little to no help. Tell your guests to bring their favourite dish. Besides a pot luck will create lots of food options for guests.
  • Go on a shopping trip at your local dollar store. At dollar stores, you can buy many party favours and utensils at a nominal price. Sometimes you will see the exact same item you saw at the dollar store at a big box store at a marked up price. Avoid the cash grab and shop at the dollar store.
  • Keep your menu simple. Simplicity is the key to keeping costs low. You can satisfy virtually any diet by serving only burgers and hot dogs. There are a variety of burgers available from salmon to veggie. If your guests want steak and lobster, kindly let them know, this is the wrong party.
  • Waste not, want not. It is funny how much food gets wasted at a party. And when you are tight on cash, it can be frustrating when you see wasted food. If you want to avoid this troubling trend, be mindful of how you put your leftovers away. If you leave food lying around with hope someone will wrap it up and put it in the fridge or freezer – think again. So mind the mess and you will be glad you did!
  • Chug, chug, chug to the BYOB line. Supplying liquor for a party is very expensive especially if your guests prefer more than wine coolers. You can avoid this expense by telling your guests to supply their own beer. Depending on how many guests you invite, liquor alone can cost more than $100.

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