Protecting Against Identity Theft

Complaints of identity theft are on the rise in Canada

According to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, there were 5300 complaints of identity theft last year — nearly a 30 per cent jump from the previous year.  The price tag was huge – total loss to identity fraud in 2014 totalled more than $10 million.

With that much money up for grabs, thieves are stopping at no length to glean your personal information and use it to their own benefit.  This could involve applying for credit cards under your name or even creating a false passport.

Identity thieves range from dumpster divers to high-tech hackers, and it’s their full-time job to find a way to harvest your identity.  That’s why CBC’s The Exchange contacted Consolidated Credit for some advice, and executive director Jeff Schwartz spoke with Danielle Bochove about ways that Canadians can safeguard themselves.


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