Save your money: here’s what fathers really want for Father’s Day!

Are you starting to feel pressured into buying a Father’s Day gift? Does Dad really want you to spend money on something he doesn’t need because retailers say you must? According to a TD Canada Trust survey Canadian dads have nominated the humble tie (65%), tools and other DIY-related gifts (19%) and mugs (12%) as the most cliché Father’s Day gifts. What your dad really wants for his Father’s Day gift is time with his children!

Even young children feel the pressure of having to buy dad something on Father’s Day. We need to teach children that spending time together is more precious than anything money can buy.

Avoid debt problems this year and teach your children they can celebrate Dad on Father’s Day without spending a cent. Dad will be nominating these gifts of time with his children as the ‘most wanted’ for Father’s Day:

  1. Help dad or do his chores; as he mows the lawn, rake and bag it, if he washes the car, dry it (bet he never dries the car).
  2. Exercise is key to a healthy life so take a walk or bike ride with him in a nearby park, ‘cop a squat’ and talk about his favorite interests (it’s amazing what you can learn from your dad).
  3. Share a new experience together and build memories with dad for the future.
  4. When was the last time you watched dad’s favorite movie together or played a game of cards – this is a chance to relive a memory from your past.
  5. Break bread with dad; spending time in the kitchen together talking and making his favorite breakfast, lunch or dinner, is a great bonding opportunity.

No matter how old you are on Sunday, June 17th dedicate the day to dad. Take the money you would have spent on a gift and put it towards your savings. Your dad will be proud you finally took his advice!

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