She changed your diapers and your life

(TORONTO, ON) – She has played the role of friend, teacher, nurse, cook, therapist and more – but you just call her “Mom”. This Mother’s Day, children will be trying to find the perfect gift to repay Mom for all that she does.

In 2013, a Bank of Montreal survey indicated that the average Canadian would spend $107 on Mother’s Day gifts. Jeff Schwartz, executive director of Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada, Inc., says the price of the gift is not important.

“We get too hung up on how much things cost,” says Schwartz. “We choose what to buy based on its monetary value, and not on how much personal value it will have for our mothers.”

A little preparation can go a long way towards giving your Mom a gift that she will love – and that will save you money too. Consolidated Credit has a few tips for those that are still looking for the perfect present.

· A family of handprints – At one point in every fridge’s lifespan, it has proudly displayed the image of a child’s paint-dipped handprint. Even though you may be all grown up, collecting the handprints of all of your mother’s children and grandchildren will be one gift that gets that prestigious fridge spot. Even better, put it in a frame and hang it in the living room for your Mother to proudly show her guests. COST: less than $20 with a frame; less than $10 without a frame; free if you have the paint. Source:

· Plant a perennial – Grab a shovel and a perennial and show up to your mom’s house on her special day. Pick a nice spot in the yard that she can see from her bedroom or kitchen window and plant the flower. Tell your Mom that this is your plant and that every time she looks at it, she will know how much you care about her. COST: Less than $10. Source:

· Family video conference – Chances are, a lot of your family is scattered across the country. But even if every body can’t get to Mom’s house on her special day, you can gather them together by using Skype, Google Hangouts, or FaceTime. Your Mom will love being able to see all of her family in one place – even if it is on a computer screen. COST: Free

“Buying an expensive gift is like having a shot of espresso – it costs too much and the effect doesn’t last,” advises Schwartz. “The best gifts don’t cost a lot of money, but they are memorable because of the thought behind them.”

Consolidated Credit urges Canadians to stick to their budgets when purchasing gifts. Holidays throughout the year are fraught with expenses that don’t end up on your budget. Don’t let these costs throw your budget into a tailspin. Remember, Mother’s Day is a time for celebrating Mom, but it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Just follow the advice that you grew up with – it’s the thought that counts.

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