Shopping On Your Smartphone? – There’s an app for that!

(TORONTO, ON) – Canadians are among the most “connected” consumers in the world, with more than 83 per cent of us having access to the internet. And as more of us embrace Smartphone technology, the number of consumers using their mobile device to shop online continues to increase.

According to new data from Google, the number of Canadians using their smartphone as part of the shopping experience increases every year – with 12 per cent using their device to make credit card purchases.

And while there are numerous apps available to enhance the mobile shopping experience, Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada recommends consumers look for ways to track their spending and keep their identity safe.

“Mobile shopping is becoming the new normal for consumers. It’s fast, easy and really convenient,” says Jeffrey Schwartz, executive director of Consolidated Credit. “But it is that convenience that can potentially get consumers into trouble. Failing to take steps to protect your identity or underestimating your mobile spending can quickly lead to a financial freefall.”

To help Canadian consumers make the most out of their smartphone shopping experience, while keeping their budget and identities safe, Consolidated Credit offers these tips:

  • Only shop at trusted websites run by reputable vendors.
  • Look for the familiar lock icon in your browser, and only share sensitive information with vendors who have encrypted their site.
  • Turn off the auto-save feature on your phone. This will protect your information from identity thieves if your phone is lost or stolen.
  • Use secure passwords (no names or birthdates) to protect your phone form hackers and other unauthorized users.
  • Turn off wireless network connections when shopping on your smartphone. This will save you from sharing personal information on an unknown or unprotected network.
  • Download a budgeting app, like this one created by Consolidated Credit, to help you keep track of spending and to stay on budget.

With new technology comes new ways for unscrupulous people to access the personal information of Canadian consumers. To further help Canadians protect their finances and identity, Consolidated Credit offers this free

<href=”#search=%22identity%20theft%22″>Identity Theft & Fraudpublication which is packed with information and tips to keep your ID safe.


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