Spring Clean Your Car

It’s time for spring cleaning – and that doesn’t just mean cleaning your home and your finances!

As the days get longer and the weather slowly begins to improve, now is the perfect time to wash away the remnants of winter with some vehicle maintenance. Taking the time to spring clean your car now can save big money in the long run.

As we all look for ways to save money, especially when it comes to the rising price of fuel – why not take advantage of these tips to spring clean your car:

Wash away winter – Canadian winters can take a toll on our vehicles. The build-up of salt, sand and dirt can eat away at a car’s exterior, leaving you with expensive repairs. Take the time to give your vehicle a thorough cleaning (inside and out). This will not only make it easier to clean throughout the coming months, but will also go a long way towards protecting your investment.

Breathe easier – You may be enjoying the fresh clean air of a new season, but your car could still be choking on the salt, dust and sand it sucked in over the winter. Replacing your air filter improves air flow to the engine and increases your vehicles performance and gas mileage.

Change your car’s shoes – The change of seasons is also a good time to change the tires on your vehicle. Snow tires are designed to work best during the cold winter months. Once the mercury begins to rise, it’s time to switch your tires, which will help reduce your fuel consumption.

Fill up the tank – It’s easy to fall into a pattern of topping up your gas tank whenever the price is low, but buying ten dollars of fuel one day, and another ten dollars a few days later is not efficient. Drivers are better to locate the cheapest gas and fill the tank – and don’t go back until the tank is a quarter full.

Check your fluids – Take some time to check your engine oil, transmission fluid and power steering fluid. Each of these fluids effect the performance of your vehicle, and poor performance is a direct correlation to wasted fuel. Topping up on these fluids can help you save money in the months ahead.

Stop driving – We know that driving is usually a necessity, but do you really need to hop in your car to go around the corner? Think outside the sedan and find ways to keep your vehicle in the driveway. Maybe you can carpool to work, or ride your bike to the grocery store.

Slow down – If you can’t stop driving, then slow down. The easiest way to cut your fuel expense is to ease off the gas peddle. Coast to a stop as much as possible, and keep in mind that faster speeds on the highway use more gas.

Spring is a perfect time to clear out the cobwebs and take control of your personal finances. Using your car, truck or SUV more efficiently (and even leaving it at home occasionally) will help reduce gas consumption and wear and tear on your vehicle – Saving you money in the long run!

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