Stop studying, start working: Advantages of a summer job

(TORONTO, ON) – No more pencils, no more books…summer is almost here! High school students across the country are eagerly anticipating the last day of school but for many of them, summer means finding a summer job.

With post-secondary tuition rising, it is important for young people to put some money away for future school. In addition, a summer job is a great way to gain experience and often lead to other employment in the future.

Jeff Schwartz, executive director of Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada, says teenagers can learn a lot by working.

“Earning your own money is a rewarding experience. Through summer jobs, young people will learn the value of hard work and a few things about personal finance” says Schwartz. “Building a strong work ethic while you are still young will lead to success in the future.”

Consolidated Credit has some tips for young people who are worried about their summer employment.

· Think of the future when applying today – Your summer job may increase your chances of getting into the university program you desire. Look for a summer job that is related to your preferred major. If you want to be a nurse, apply at a nursing home. If you are interested in landscape architecture, start checking out golf courses. You’ll be earning money and making your university application look better at the same time.

· Target seasonal industries – Landscapers, house painters, and swimming pools are all examples of industries that need to hire workers in the summer. They often hire the same students summer after summer so if you can get hired, you might have a summer job for the next few years.

· Resume blitz – For young people with limited experience, the odds can be stacked against you. The easiest way to put the odds in your favour is to hand out as many resumes as possible. Start at the mall where you can hit 50 stores in an hour. Scour job posting websites for student jobs and send in your resumes. With every application, the odds of getting hired will increase.

· Work hard, save hard – After getting hired, work hard and make a good impression. Having a good reference you can call on in the future will help you get a better job in the future. Also, set aside a chunk of your paycheque for future education costs. Saving now will limit the amount of student debt you will have in the future.

“High school students deserve a break from school but they shouldn’t spend the summer sitting at home. Gaining experience from summer jobs is the first step towards both professional and financial success in the future” – adds Schwartz.

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