Fireworks, Family and Fun on a Budget

If the Victoria Day long weekend is the unofficial start to summer, then July 1st is the day summer fun kicks into high gear. Kids are out of school, businesses are closed and families from coast to coast love to get outside and celebrate Canada Day.

Between barbecues, concerts, camping trips a firework displays, celebrating our nation’s birthday can be a lot of fun for individuals and families alike. It can also mean spending a lot of money – money you may not have budgeted for.

The best way to celebrate Canada Day without breaking the bank is to plan for your festivities in advance. If you enjoy throwing a large barbecue, make it a line item in your budget and start saving well in advance. If the holiday means the start to your summer vacation, ensure you a planning for this expense year round.

Enjoying the Canada Day shouldn’t cause a credit hangover on July 2nd. Plan ahead and follow some of these tips for some summer fun on a budget:

  • Look for free activities close to home. Most communities will host some kind of organized celebration.
  • Look online to see if there are any free festivals or shows in your area. Many cities and towns hold carnivals, air and marine shows, or free community concerts on Canada Day.
  • Local organizations, like the Lions Club or Legion will host pancake breakfasts or community barbecues on Canada day that are inexpensive or even free.
  • Go to the beach. Use the holiday as an excuse to bake in the sun; enjoy the warm weather and cool water.
  • Host a potluck barbecue with family and friends. Sometimes the best place to relax is in your own backyard.
  • Go to a citizenship ceremony. There is nothing more patriotic than watching new citizens take an oath to love, honour and respect our country.
  • Camp out in your own backyard. Pitch a tent, roast marshmallows and tell stories.
  • Check out your community’s firework display. Often city council or the local fire department will put on an incredible show that enjoyable for the whole family.

Everyone deserves a break now and then, and holidays like Canada Day offer the opportunity to enjoy time with friends and families. But the last thing you want if for your day of relaxation to leave you with a stack of bills you can’t pay. By budgeting and taking time to plan a fun filled July 1st, you can enjoy every minute of the holiday.

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